Tire Rotation Tips

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Regular rotation helps extend the life of your tires and improve performance. So if you like safety and saving money, here are a few facts about tire rotation.

What is tire rotation?

Tire rotation or rotating tires is the practice of moving automobile wheels and tires from one position on the car to another, to ensure even tire wear. Tire wear becomes uneven for any number of reasons. Even tire wear is necessary to maintain consistent performance in the vehicle and to extend the overall life of a set of tires.

How often do you need to rotate your tires?

Automobile manufacturers recommend tire rotation frequency and pattern. Depending on the vehicle, tire rotation may be recommended every 8,000 miles. The rotation pattern is typically moving the back wheels to the front, and the front to the back, but crossing them when moving to the back. If the tires are unidirectional, the rotation can only be rotated front to back on the same side of the vehicle to preserve the rotational direction of the tires. Most unidirectional tires can be moved from side to side if they are remounted.

What are the best practices on tire rotation?

The current school of thought recommends keeping the best tires on the rear wheels of the vehicle, whether it is front, or rear wheel drive. The logic is that, if the rear wheels lose grip before the front wheels, an “oversteer” situation will occur, which is harder to control than an “understeer” situation. The intuitive idea that the front steering/driving tires need to be the best quality is not actually the case.

Regular rotation is important for vehicles with dual rear wheels as well. Are you due for a tire rotation? Stop into Queens Crown Automotive on Providence Road in Charlotte, NC.

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